Our surveyors have accumulated long experience in preparing vessel new building specifications and monitoring all of the construction phases from steelwork, machinery/ electrical installation to coating supervision.

We can cover the following services

  • Shipbuilding Specifications & Contract reviews, evaluations and comments
  • Plan Approval
  • Supervision during construction

The above include but are not limited to the following

  • Technical Presentation of Owners Requirements
  • Preparation of Preliminary Specifications (based on standard designs)
  • Evaluation of Preliminary and/or Full Builders Specifications
  • Evaluation of Contractor/Yard
  • Evaluation & technical assistance on Builder’s / Buyers contracts
  • Assistancein Negotiationswith Builders on proposedspecifications and contracts prior to signing
  • Assistance for the Selection of Machinery and Equipment
  • Assistance in Design Topics
  • Drawings/Plans, Review and Approval
  • Supervision during Construction
  • Participation in Trials
  • Co‐ordinationwith Class and RegulatoryBodies